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 Welcome To Sledding- 

An Introduction To Sled Dog Racing


NSW Siberian Express holds an Introduction to Sledding Day. This year our Introduction to Sledding is Saturday March 4th. At this stage we still need to decide on a location.

 What is an Introduction to Sledding Day about ?

 Our Introduction to Sledding Day is for anyone who would like to learn about the sledding sport. The club's committee goes over use of equipment, trail commands and etiquette. You also get to use the equipment as current members help you out on your first  run!


 What do I need to bring on the day?

All you need to bring is your dog, a bike helmet, sensible shoes and water (as there is none on site), our sledding committee will lend you their equipment on the day. If you want to camp you'll need your own camping equipment and some way to secure your dog/s. Due to the amount of people and other dogs, as well as State Forest Legislation, all dogs MUST be on lead at all times. Your dog might be friendly, but we may have nervous dogs in attendance looking to build their confidence and a loose dog can distract other dogs and people as well causing important information to be missed.


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