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NSW  Siberian Express  Committee Members

NSW Siberian Express was formed in 1996 & reformed in 2015. We are a group of people who are passionate about sled dog racing in Australia. We are committed to growing the sport in NSW

We are an Incorporated Association with Department of Fair Trading.

We are affliliated with AFSS ( Australian Federation Of Sleddog Sports)

President- David Turner

Secretary- Michelle Rose 

Treasurer- Nicki Allen

Vice President & Public Officer- Peter Rose

Media/PR Person Rebecca-Jo Kaczmarczyk

NSW AFSS Rep Michael Little

General Committee, Rebecca-Jo Kaczmarczyk Michelle Rose, Nicki Allen, Nigel Wallis, Kelly Chapman, Michael Little, Job Blacker


The committee of NSW Siberian express have implemented a new policy for organizations who would like to have a stall at our events. As we have companies who sponsor our club we need to respect that relationship and give them the priority of having their merchandise on offer and also check with our sponsors if they are happy to have similar merchandise offered at our events. If you would like to have a stall at our events we ask that you write to our committee asking for permission at least 72 hrs before the scheduled event .The organisers also have the right to ask any individual/business to leave the event if they don't abide by or have approval from the committee.
Also to be eligible to have a stall at our events the committee would appreciate a donation to the club as a thank you for being able to hold a stall and sell your merchandise.
Send expressions of interest to host a stall at NSW Siberian Express events to Michelle Rose at articpower@optusnet.com.au
Kind regards NSW Siberian Express committee

With thanks to our club sponsors  for our 2019 events